Twenty and Nine

Today is the day that I become 29 years old. Today, like every other day like it, always elicits rumination and gerascophobia (which always leads to a touch of ennui). Though I am normally quite verbose and I’ll prove this here by bloviating about my verbose altiloquence a bit more, I’ll keep this one short and enumerate a few things for which I am grateful at this ripe old age of 29.

  • The lack of desire to get shit-faced drunk tonight - I’ll leave that for the 21-25 year olds. A light buzz is and will always be enjoyable, but shit-my-pants-and-puke intoxication is not a good time.
  • The friends with whom you remain friends despite the vicissitudes of life, specifically those geographical distance or emotional distress. I love you people more than you’ll ever know or that I’m capable of showing.
  • The cognitive faculties that lead me to think I’ve made solid choices in my friends and equally solid choices in pruning certain people from my life.
  • The sense of slowly gaining equality w/r/t our GLBT friends and family that has erupted during the last several years. [enumerate states with gay marriage; i’m lazy] have all (finally) come out and said gays can be married and it’s nice to see formal acceptance of these issues, though I know We have quite a way to go before full equality is seen, but I at least have hope for the future.
  • The way a serious conversation acts as a stimulant that keeps it going well into the depths of a night.
  • That my sense of feminism and progressivism grows by the day
  • That most of my friends seem to be decent folks, despite their personal Wheels of Fortune (Greek reference; not the game show).
  • The feel of a gentle breeze teasing your skin as you read in a hammock
  • Training partners whose encouragement and support is felt on a near-daily basis
  • The taste of a bacon-wrapped date, the perfect treat.
  • The feel of a loving kitten resting his yearning-for-a-scratch chin upon your foot before he passes out for the evening
  • That the new arrested development is pretty great once you get past Lindsay’s episode. (S4E3.)  

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a few gripes.

  • A lack of a true sense of purpose. I’ve been at a multi-dimensional crossroads for the last year or so and am still befuddled as to where I should go. Academia? Industry? Off the grid?
  • Obama’s second term has been a mess thus far and the GOP still thinks Benghazi is a bigger issue than Holder’s DOJ and the Reuter’s thing. There are some fucking idiotic people in the House (Gohmert, Bachman, Akin, et al)
  • I feel as though all human interactions will be mediated by commerce someday and that there are people who are actively working to ensure this will happen
  • The economy is still fucked for a huge portion of our populace
  • Tech is not the savior as it once had been hailed
  • My lowest abs are in hiding despite my increasing gains in weightlifting
  • I think my ears are sprouting hair for some nefarious plot against my sense of youth

I can’t seem to end this in any clever way, so…

“So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure,

How amazingly unlikely is your birth,

And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space,

‘Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth.”